At Olympia - Ad-Solutions Ltd. we believe in empowering product by its packaging.

We coordinate for you a variety of Design, Branding and Production solutions, leading to the optimal packaging.

Olympia - Ad-Solutions Ltd. was founded in 2016 by Diana Maizus - a graduate of the Visual Communication program at WIZO Haifa Academy (2001).

We are a boutique studio, that employs the best designers in the field who love their craft.

OUR goal

is to give the customer a comprehensive and most professional solution in order to simplify for him the complex process of packaging development.

Our way

is to explore the product and its environment, to characterize the potential target audience, to understand the marketing environment, to characterize the production method of the product and only then to create a smart design concept.


What we do

Packaging design
for the food industry

Pet food
packaging design

Packaging design
for cosmetics and personal care products


Designing and building websites

Branding and design of a variety of advertising products